“A photograph is both a pseudo-presence and a token of absence. Like a wood fire in a room, photographs—especially those of people, of distant landscapes and faraway cities, of the vanished past—are incitements to reverie. The sense of the unattainable that can be evoked by photographs feeds directly into the erotic
feelings of those for whom desirability is enhanced by distance.”

-Susan Sontag.

Eyesplash is all about that desirability :the revelation and the pain .What the distance cannot palliate ,photographs can .Since time immemorial ,photography has been torn between the ideological use of documenting and the subjectivity that lies within the human mind of seeing things :being compared to the older forms of art -painting .
What matters is the relevance of photography to act as an interface between man and his surroundings – the reality for some ,a dream for others .Making an assumption of the existence of the Absolute would be repudiating the essence,the significance of the unknown  and the sheer ambiguity that a photograph can present before you .Eyesplash is all about the feeling ,the emotions that a man feels in his interactions with the world around him through the journey of life  ,not only  through what the viewfinder sees ,which is but a glimpse of a reality taken away ,but also the circumstances and experiences that have shaped his mind and opinions . Photography is one of the only common languages of the world that can mitigate barriers ,both physical and mental .Eyesplash is  a subtle and humble effort towards that direction .